Visit the Architectural Beauty, Kolkata

Kolkata is a city that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. It is India’s most important hub of history, art, and culture. If you need some inspiration to get started on your vacation, there are several reasons to visit the “City of Joy” right now. Especially if you are someone who enjoys architecture Kolkata can be your dream city with historic, stunning building all across the city, here are some building you must pay a visit to cherish amazing craftsmanship.


Kolkata, as the sole remaining Chinatown in India, protects the country’s dwindling Chinese immigrant community and culture. Terreti Bazaar, or Old Chinatown, is one of Kolkata’s most culturally diverse areas, with wonderful street cuisine, historic Chinese temples, and odd street side kiosks, among other things. You can enjoy some of the breathtaking Chinese construction and beauty in the locality.

Old Kolkata-

Kolkata is a historic city that has managed to preserve its culture. While some may argue that the city is falling behind in terms of modernity, others would argue otherwise. The city’s historical buildings bear witness to a rich history, one that is currently famed for its multiculturalism. If you’re ever in the city and searching for something different to do, we recommend starting with these iconic historical structures.

Jorasanko Thakurbari-

The Tagore family’s stately mansion is now a museum. Rabindranath Tagore was born in this house, as were all of the Tagore family’s famous members. Most members of the Tagore family, from painters to prominent officials, thinkers, intellectuals, and writers, were visionaries of their time. Satyendranath Tagore, Rabindranath Tagore’s second oldest brother, was the first Indian to join the Civil Services. Debendranath Tagore, their father, was a religious reformer and philosopher. In addition, he was the creator of the Brahmo faith.

Marble Palace-

Raja Rajendra Mullick, a Bengali trader, created this stunning and exquisite building with marble walls and flooring. The building, which was designed in a neoclassical style, features open courtyards, which are common in traditional Bengali architecture. It now displays a number of Victorian paintings, among other things. Because it is a private property, you must obtain permission before entering.

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