Top Things to Do In New Orleans For All Ages

If it’s your first visit to New Orleans or you’ve been before, the city’s energizing spirit is sure to captivate, encourage, and empower you to get out and explore and do everything there is to see and do. Narrowing the playing field can be difficult because there are so many options and so many things to do all of the time. So here is a list of top things you must do when in this city.

The Iconic Cemetery Tour-

Cemeteries are some of New Orleans’ must-see attractions. Many of the tombs found in these “cities of the dead” are elevated above ground to avoid flooding, and they’re decorated with ornate designs influenced by French and Spanish architecture. Despite the fact that many of the city’s older cemeteries are dilapidated, with crumbling tombs and patchy grass, the rotting grounds contribute to the ghostly atmosphere, which is why many of the city’s top ghost tours make stops there.

Frenchmen Street

If you want an authentic New Orleans experience more removed from the touristy areas of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, head to the lively Frenchmen Street. A popular spot for locals, Frenchmen Street is a four-block stretch of live music, restaurants, bars, and night clubs and art galleries. Here, not only will you find fewer crowds, but you’ll also encounter cheaper eats and drinks, and better music, it’s kind of like Bourbon Street’s hipper, trendier cousin. If you don’t consider yourself a night owl, the Palace Market is a shopping haven where locals sell homemade art and jewelry.

Garden District-

Take a walking tour of New Orleans’ Garden District (about 3 miles southwest of the French Quarter) to see some of the city’s most stunning homes. This historic residential neighbourhood is surrounded by trees, ivy, and, indeed, gardens, as its name implies. The beautiful houses and architecture are praised by visitors. Some people also prefer the Garden District to Bourbon Street, citing the tranquil atmosphere and well-preserved assets as a welcome respite from the city’s crowded tourist attractions.

Studio Be-

Studio Be, a huge warehouse facility in New Orleans’ Bywater neighbourhood, is an eye-catching and illuminating show of public art. Brandan “BMike” Odums, the project’s founder, partnered with over 40 other artists to produce massive murals and exhibits that examine activism, rebellion, and black American history. The majority of the displays are made with spray paint and graffiti, and the whole project took six months to complete.

Louisiana Children’s Museum-

People forget about the Louisiana Children’s Museum when they say New Orleans isn’t the best place to bring kids. Yes, Bourbon Street is a little rowdy, but this two-story structure is really a playtopia. Hands-on displays cover everything from body mechanics to design at the museum. From near-daily storey times to holiday-themed celebrations, the museum holds a variety of special events.

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