Top Reasons to Visit The “Heart Of Europe”, Czech Republic

Are you still undecided on whether or not Czech Republic is worth visiting? The nation is known as the “heart of Europe” because it is located in the geographic core of the continent. If you’ve had enough of the busy but charming big Czech cities and are looking for some peace and quiet, you’ll find it in the beautiful Czech countryside. Despite its diminutive scale, the response is a resounding yes! Why do millions of tourists visit this Central European country each year? There are hundreds of good reasons and here are some of them-

Castles On Every Corner-

In Europe, the Czech Republic has the highest density of castles. In reality, there are over 2,000 castles scattered across the world, some in excellent condition and others in ruins. Prague is home to the world’s largest castle complex, as well as some of the world’s oldest castles, including Karltejn Castle and the Trosky Castle ruins, which were both constructed in the 1300s.

Its Central Location-

If you want to travel across Europe, Berlin and Prague are two cities that have the ideal location and comprehensive transportation networks to get you almost everywhere you want to go. Many major cities, from Vienna to Berlin to Krakow, are within a few hours’ drive of Prague. Czech trains are inexpensive, and overnight trains can take you anywhere in Europe while providing you with the luxury of a cabin. Plus, for a few Euros, long-distance buses from companies like Student Agency allow you to travel in style- wi-fi, hot drinks on board.

Bohemian Paradise-

Though there are many natural parks in Europe, Bohemian Paradise is one of the most imposing and exclusive. Bohemian Paradise, in the country’s north, was the country’s first natural reserve, and it now includes not only sandstone rock labyrinths, the park’s most popular feature, but also castle ruins, hiking trails, and the Bozkov dolomite caves, which house Czechia’s largest underground lake.

Beer culture-

Beer brewing in the Czech Republic has a long history, with recorded brewing dating back to the year 993. The country also created the world’s first pilsner, Pilsner Urquell, which is still sold today. Every year, the brewery hosts its own two-day beer festival, Pilsner Fest. Other well-known Czech labels include Gambrinus, Bernard, and Staropramen. Every year, Prague hosts a 17-day Czech Beer Festival. Beer gardens are common gathering spots around the world, and many of them feature live music. If you’re looking for something fresh, try a beer spa or purchase beer-based cosmetics like shampoo, creams.

Great prices-

Prague is inexpensive as compared to other major European cities. A good hotel room can still be had for less than 50 Euros per night, and a meal in a decent restaurant would cost about 20 Euros including drinks. A 24-hour unlimited transportation ticket costs about 4 Euros and allows you unlimited transfers on all modes of public transportation. Czech beer is also the cheapest in Europe.

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