Things to Think About Before Travelling To South India

India is massive, with over hundreds of iconic places to see and cherish. It is only one of two subcontinents of the world – it’s the kind of country where you can take a 16-hour train ride, and still only move half a centimeter on the map. South of India is incredible and a favorite among travelers owing to the stunning landscape and tropical vibe. If you are planning a trip to south India soon here are some things you must remember-

South India is massive!

South India appears to be much smaller on a map than the north, but India is enormous, so it’s important to remember that South India is also enormous. If you travel from Goa to Kerala by overnight train, which may take 15 hours! It can take 7 hours to travel from Chennai to Mysore by rail. Keep this in mind as you prepare your itinerary for a trip to South India to see the best of the country! Try to cover maximum south for a versatile experience and explore the beauty of their culture.

The East differs from the West –

Another thing to keep in mind when visiting South India is the distinction between the east and the west. Goa is located on the West Coast and is known for having all of the dreamy beaches. Kerala is located on the West Coast and has a wide coastline, as well as coconut palm forests, rice paddies, and hill stations with tea, coffee, and spice plantations inland. Beaches and coastline can be found on the eastern side of South India, but the state of Tamil Nadu is well known for its hill stations and historical sites. According to the Marco Polo Guide, Tamil Nadu has the most world heritage sites in the region.

Priorities your travel-

Based on the above differences between the states and sides of South India, the best way to plan a trip around South India to see the tourist attractions, particularly if you are on a tight timeline, is to think about what your priorities are as South India has a lot to offer. Do you want to relax on the sands of the beaches? If that’s the case, Goa is the place for you. Do you want to go hiking in the hills and see wildlife? If that’s the case, Kerala is the place to be (note that I saw wild elephants in Thekkady National Park!). Do you want to learn about Hindu culture and cities that were colonized in the past? Tamil Nadu is the state for you. Ask yourself similar questions and prepare the perfect itinerary.

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