The Stunning Beauty of Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a perfect illustration of what you call ‘Tropical Paradise,’ with palm-fringed beaches with pristine lengths of white sands, an unending presence of tranquilly, and crystal clear turquoise waters all around. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an Indian archipelago in the Bay of Bengal with roughly 300 islands. While some of these islands have been marketed and developed as tourist destinations, the majority of them are uninhabited, free of human intervention, and represent pure nature. Here are some secrets well kept by Andaman & Nicobar, discover them now-

Witness Bioluminescence at Havelock Island-

This stunning sight is going to be spectacular! The sight of galaxies of small stars drifting underneath your feet while kayaking on this island is an unforgettable experience. Make your way to Havelock Island’s beach on a moonless night to view the wonder of bioluminescence, which occurs due to the abundance of phytoplankton in the sea.

Cellular Jail-

Also known as Kala Pani, it is an old colonial prison that is situated in Port Blair. Built by the Britishers, it was used particularly to exile Indian political prisoners. The jail complex is now under the Government of India, and has been recognised as the national memorial monument, where one can visit to learn more about India’s freedom movement, and prisoners who were held captive there.

Twin islands-

Despite the fact that Ross and Smith are two separate islands, they are united by a sandbar to form a single group of islands. To visit these set of islands, you would need to obtain forest permission from the Forest Office in Diglipur. These islands are linked by a natural sandbar that hides during high tide and recedes during low tide, allowing the water to recede from the sandbar, allowing them to become one piece of land.

Mud volcanoes-

Diglipur and Bartang both have mud volcanoes. You’ll need a whole day to visit the area, as you’ll want to see the limestone caverns as well as the mud volcano. There are no specific permits required to visit this location, although you should not be on a tight schedule.

Many people dream about visiting the Andaman Islands, and the reasons are simple. This magnificent archipelago is a world away from the crowds and seaside hotspots of Mauritius and Goa, both of which are relatively near to home. While these islands are not afraid to show off their beautiful scenery, there are some hidden mysteries that will pique the interest of any curious traveler. As a result, here is an attempt to explore deeper into the mysteries of the Andaman Islands.

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