The Most Uniquely Extreme Places across India!

India is ‘diverse,’ with a wide range of religions, cuisines, and civilizations, as well as varying landscapes and temperatures. While most sections of the country receive normal or slightly above or below average temperatures, there are some areas that suffer extremes. The following is a list of sites in India that have broken records and earned the title of being the most severe. Continue reading to know about some of the most unique places across the country-

Dras- The Coldest-

This picturesque village is located halfway between Kargil and the Zoji La Pass, commonly known as the Ladakh Gateway. At an elevation of 10800 feet, the average temperature reported here is -23 degrees Celsius, making it India’s coldest tourist destination. The temperature can dip to -45 degrees Celsius in the winter. According to sources, the temperature dipped to -60 degrees Celsius in January 1995, shattering all previous records.

Mawsynram- The Wettest –

With an average rainfall of 11872 mm, this village in Meghalaya’s East Khasi Hills district holds the record for being the wettest spot in India. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this location received 26000 mm of rain in 1985, earning it the title of wettest place on Earth. It’s a paradise of a location that must be seen when in Meghalaya.

Leh- The Driest –

The town of Leh, located at a height of 11500 feet, is India’s driest location. While it has a cold desert climate, temperatures can drop below freezing in the winter. It also gets the least amount of rain. Its environment is framed by gigantic Himalayan peaks, and its unspoiled natural beauty draws visitors from all over the world.

Phalodi- The Hottest –

It is well-known for being India’s hottest spot, with temperatures reaching 51 degrees Celsius. It is situated in the Thar Desert’s buffer zone, which is one of the reasons for the region’s extreme heat. Despite the high temperatures, residents have settled here, as well as visitors who have come to see what the area has to offer.

Kuttanad – The Lowest –

Although it may seem strange, Kerala’s Kuttanad region has the lowest height in the country, with cultivation taking place 4-10 feet below sea level. It’s also known as the Netherlands of India, and it’s unique in that it’s one of the few areas on the planet where farming is done at such a low altitude.

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