The Best Floating Hotels in The World!!

The world’s top floating hotels are for individuals who want to take their vacation staying experience to the next level. These hotels will show you a fresh, edgy way to stay while being situated in idyllic settings. These magnificent properties have been created to provide a special experience to those who enjoy their stay as much as they enjoy travelling. If the concept appeals to you, here is a list of the greatest floating hotels in the globe.

River Kwai Jungle Rafts, Thailand-

Nestled near the River Kwai, this is the perfect nature hideaway. It’s the ideal place to be if you’re looking to unwind from your daily routine. At night, the region is lit by ancient kerosene lamps, and it’s not every day that you wake up to a landscape that feels like you’re in the midst of the woods. The River Kwai Jungle Rafts are made of indigenous bamboo and furnished with wooden furniture. Each lodge has a hammock and a balcony.

Taj Lake Palace, India-

This five-star floating marvel in Udaipur exudes elegance and floats majestically in the midst of a lake. The hotel was also featured in the James Bond film Octopussy as a backdrop. It was previously the royal dynasty of Mewar’s summer home. You will be brought to one of the 17 suites or 66 rooms under embroidered umbrellas once you arrive. Its one-of-a-kind location, settings, and exclusivity will make your stay one to remember.

Manta Resort, Tanzania-

The Manta Underwater Room is part of the Manta Resort and is located on Pemba Island. It was designed by Genberg Underwater Hotels and offers guests a one-of-a-kind hotel experience. Underwater cabins located 250 metres off the coast of Pemba Island offer luxury accommodations. The guests are led up a ladder to the roof, which offers a reclining area where they can enjoy sunrises as well as the amazing Milky Way at night.

Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge, Republic of Panama-

The instant you enter this little oasis, you will be surprised. What’s unique about this location is that you’ll be entirely surrounded by water at Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge. During your stay, you will get the opportunity to interact with playful dolphins up close and personal. You’ll also learn to coexist with innovative bio-digester systems that debug sewage and run on renewable energy while you’re here.

Conrad, Maldives Rangali Island-

Do you think sleeping with the fishes is a good idea? If the concept excites you, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island provides everything you need to make it a reality. There are rooms where tourists can sleep underwater. These glass pods, located 16.5 feet below the surface, will allow tourists to enjoy the experience of being surrounded by the beautiful sea life of the Indian Ocean. There are luxurious suites on top and below the waves, with a total of nine sleeping spaces. Then there’s the concrete and acrylic structure beneath the deck, which allows visitors to enter a domed suite for the ultimate experience.

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