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There is something for everyone in London. The Tower of London will delight history buffs looking to refresh their knowledge of British history. The National Gallery and the West End Theatre District will delight art and theatre lovers, though monarchy fans will not want to miss Buckingham Palace. While London has a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities to visit, it does have a number of free attractions. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of things to do in the area, here is a list of places you should definitely see in London-

Buckingham Palace-

Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II’s London residence, is available for tours during the summers and on select dates during the winter and spring. On the tour, you’ll visit the 19 State Rooms, where the queen and other members of the royal family entertain visitors for state, ceremonial, and official events. These rooms showcase some of the most beautiful items from the Royal Collection, which are lavishly accented with chandeliers, candelabra, Rembrandt and Rubens paintings, and elegant English and French furniture.

National Gallery-

The National Gallery of London, located in Trafalgar Square, has a maze-like interior that includes a color-coded map to navigate. The museum houses paintings from the 13th to 19th centuries in the Western European tradition, including Italian Renaissance masterpieces and French Impressionist works. Popular paintings such as Botticelli’s “Venus and Mars” and Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” can be found among the museum’s 2,300 in-house items.

Portobello Road Market-

Portobello Road Market is popular with both locals and visitors. The market is located in the posh Notting Hill neighbourhood (made famous by the Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts film of the same name), and it spans the length of Portobello Road, which is considered Notting Hill’s high street (or main street). The market is packed with merchants of all kinds selling antiques, paintings, jewellery, clothes, and food, among other popular flea market pieces. But it’s Portobello Market’s antiques and quintessentially English pieces that make it stand out.

Tower of London-

The Tower of London’s interior is always bustling with activity, despite its grim and unimpressive exterior (especially when compared to stately Buckingham Palace). The tower, which is actually made up of many buildings, 12 of which are open to the public, has something for everyone. Don’t skip the famous crown jewels show if you’re fascinated by the monarchy’s past.

British Museum-

The British Museum is a work of art as well as a treasure chest of some of the world’s most valuable antiquities. Many visitors consider it to be London’s best museum. Furthermore, admission is free. The British Museum is a history buff’s fantasy, with millions of items ranging from the Rosetta Stone to the Elgin Marbles to the Lindow Man. The vast collection can make a first visit to the museum seem overwhelming: Select the exhibits that pique your curiosity, and make plans to return if you so desire.

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