Reasons Why New Zealand Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

There are numerous reasons why New Zealand is such a common travel destination, here’s a simple and handy guide to help you answer the question “why travel to New Zealand?” Did you know that New Zealand was recently named one of Lonely Planet’s top five countries to visit in the world? Why is New Zealand on everyone’s travel bucket list? The Land of the Long White Cloud is actually one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. New Zealand has a stunning abundance of breathtaking scenery, welcoming and fun-loving people, plenty to see and do, delectable food and wine, and a vibe unlike anywhere else on the planet. Here are more reasons to visit this stunning destination-

The Unreal Scenery-

New Zealand is a breathtakingly beautiful natural playground. The vivid hues of the landscape almost leap off the screen when you see beautiful scenes of Milford Sound or Abel Tasman National Park in Tourism New Zealand videos. Perhaps you wondered if the vistas were too stunning to be true as you watched Frodo and his companions travel from the Shire’s cute rolling green hills to larger-than-life landscapes of majestic mountains. The good news is that Middle Earth is every bit as beautiful as it appears in the movies. There are beautiful places all over the world, but New Zealand’s landscapes are among the best.

Protected Natural Landscapes-

Much of this magnificent nature has been carefully preserved. New Zealand’s national parks cover one-third of the country’s landmass, ensuring that they remain untouched and unspoiled. New Zealand’s cities and buildings do not encroach on the forest, and there are plenty of large open, wild spaces to discover, thanks to its limited population of just 5 million people.

Diversity Of Natural Environments-

One of the most remarkable aspects of this country is how much variation of landscape can be crammed into such a small space. It’s hard to imagine that on one side of New Zealand, you’ll find towering snow-capped mountains with ancient glaciers, while on the other, you’ll find volcanic sand beaches and tropical rainforests. Take a drive from Lake Wanaka to Glacier Country, for example, and you’ll pass through arid high country, vast lakes, lush rainforests, glacial valleys, beaches, and glaciers all in one day. New Zealand’s landscapes are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Amazing Night Skies-

Owing to the lack of light pollution, New Zealand is also one of the best places in the world for stargazing. Looking up at the night sky from Tekapo and Mount Cook’s International Dark Sky Reserve, you’ll see a spectacular canopy of sparkling points of light and the dusty sweep of the Milky Way.

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