Reasons That Make Kerala “God’s Own Land”

Kerala is a state in India. This unique state, famously termed as “God’s own land” by locals and visitors alike, is one you should seriously consider for your next trip to India. Beaches, wildlife, tea plantations, delicious food, and friendly people, Kerala is a one-stop shop for all, here ae some more reasons to visit this beautiful destination –

Kerala Backwaters-

Kerala’s backwaters are well-deservedly famous after all, what’s not to like about floating down waterways and watching the world go by from the deck of a houseboat? The backwaters are a network of canals, inlets, reservoirs, and lagoons that run parallel to the coast through most of the state, and the best way to see them is on a typical kettuvellam boat (houseboat). It is also adored because it’s slow-paced and charming.


It’s not just the coast that has it all; travel inland and you’ll find some breathtaking hill-stations that will make you want to relocate. Plantations shrouded in mist and tea and coffee estates, complete with beautiful estate homes you can stay at! Dot the hills of the Western Ghats in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and are particularly lovely in the summer, making it a perfect summer vacation spot.


Holidays in Kerala often revolve around food, and for good reason! People who only know South Indian food as idlis and dosas can be surprised. There’s enough variety here to bring a gourmand into a tizzy, from the vegetarian feast that is the Sadhya a selection of traditional dishes served on a banana leaf, usually for special occasions to the unique flavours of Moplah cuisine and the ridiculously fresh seafood. Kerala is, after all, the land of spices, and that, combined with the liberal use of locally available ingredients like coconut, guarantees that the food will be delicious.


But, as with most places, it’s the people who make Kerala so special. If you visit South India at any time of year, you will undoubtedly come across a festival or celebration. Plus, you can always catch a kalarippayattu or Kathakali dance recital and even master the fundamentals of this ancient martial art at the CVN KalariNadakav. And, after all, having an Ayurvedic massage is technically a cultural practise, right?

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