Planning a Relaxing Trip? Check Out These Hidden Gems in India

As popular as India is among travelers there are still some mesmerizing gems across the country that remain untouched by tourists making them the gems that everybody should explore. While it may be tough for anybody to find out about them, here is a list that may help you to discover them. From exploring the unexpected caves scattered with nature’s blessed sights to standing atop the fort, there are far too many hidden gems to visit in India. If you want to know more, read on!

Tharangambadi, Tamil Nadu

In regards to Tamil Nadu, tourists often flock to Pondicherry or Dhanushkodi, or Kanyakumari. However, barely anybody knows about one of the perfectly hidden delights of the state’s tourism comes from the small town of Tharangambadi, which was once an established Danish colony. Fort Dansborg, hanging atop the coastal space of Tharangambadi, is a treat to the eyes. You will be fascinated by the serenity of the area and further amazed by the robust structure made out of beige hues.

Idukki, Kerala

Every area in Kerala can be termed as a paradise, visit God’s Own Country and you’ll be at a loss of words, all thanks to the alluring green serenity. Kerala proudly possesses fabulous beaches on the Malabar Coast and green valleys of the Western Ghats, all included to give tourists a taste of what natural beauty means. Situated far away in the hills, one of the hidden gems of Kerala called Idukki is a scenic drive that will offer you views of the valleys. Idukki will forever be a cozy spot in your memory box as one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

Arvalem Caves, Goa

Tired of visiting the same place again and again when heading to Goa giving you a break from Goa’s azure blue beaches we bring to you different locales instead. There is nothing like the feeling compared to the joy you will feel when you explore more of Goa and its cultural hotspots. The green valleys of Goa may dazzle you so give them some attention. Visit the rock-cut Arvalem Caves in Goa and relish the historic relevance that they hold. Hindus consider it sacred as it is believed that these caves were a hideout for the Pandavas during their exile.

Maithon, Jharkhand

Jharkhand may have never crossed your mind as a touristy place and doesn’t come across a traveler’s go-to destination. Though, the state is rich with some interesting places. Maithon is a hidden gem, a paradisiacal place with white waterfalls that is a must spot to be explored. There is scope for exploration and room for solitude while you’re one with nature. If planning a trip to Jharkhand do not miss Maithon as one of the places to visit.

Haflong, Assam

If you are seeking a relaxing and unwinding vacation, then you should consider visiting Haflong in Assam as one of the ideal places to relax and reach away from the city hassle. Covered with the natural green landscape enriched with fresh and sterilized air, there is absolutely nothing that would disappoint you in this haven. Get yourself a piping hot cup of chai and sit by the balcony of your room to soak in all the refreshing ambiance of Haflong while you admire its famous lake.

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