Lee, the 29-Year-Old Alaskan Who Is Revolutionising the Salmon Industry

What we consume has a significant impact on the planet’s health. Fortunately, folks like Kyle Lee, a 29-year-old Alaskan fisherman, are working to bring more sustainable cuisine to our menus. “Did you realise that much wild-caught fish passes through processors, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers before reaching the consumer?” adds Lee. “We desire fresher seafood, and Alaskan Salmon [Lee’s company] eliminates all intermediaries to get from ‘fishermen-to-doorstep.'”

Lee developed his affinity for being out on the water while growing up sportfishing on the Kenai River with his father every summer. He got his first taste of commercial fishing while in college, and he “saw the gap” between the quality of salmon in the United States and what he had in his freezer in Alaska. As a result, he began looking for a better way to serve fresher wild-caught Alaskan seafood without the extras that muddle the process.

“After graduating from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs with a finance degree, I had to choose between accepting a job offer and entering the corporate world and continuing to fish. I knew I could always find work in an office, but having the chance to fish in some of the world’s most beautiful and remote parts of Alaska was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity “he declares He bought a commercial fishing boat in 2015 and founded the Alaskan Salmon Company, a direct-from-the-dock salmon company that allows home cooks and seafood fans to pre-order salmon that would otherwise only be available in fine-dining restaurants.

While Lee wants to emphasise that not all fisheries are created equal, he urges people to buy Alaskan whenever possible. “In terms of actual sustainability practises, [Alaskan] fisheries are the gold standard. For us Alaskans, salmon is much more than just a way of life. It’s strongly ingrained in our culture “he declares “Many remote villages rely on the annual salmon runs for their sole supply of nourishment throughout the year, which is why Alaska is the only state with sustainable fishing inscribed into its constitution.”

He points out that the company took painstaking measures to handle the fish as little as possible in order to retain it as “mother nature intended.” Lee cut out 7-10 of those pesky middlemen along the road, resulting in a fresher-tasting bite and the understanding that it came from the source with fewer fossil fuels used, as well as from higher-paid staff. “We intend to inspire people to prepare more seafood at home,” he adds, adding that “we will continue to give transparency and information about our fisheries and seafood, as well as tasty recipes.” Lee believes that the finest method to prepare his own stock is uncooked.

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