Jaisalmer’s Top Must Have Experiences!

The picture of Jaisalmer will always be associated with the vast Thar Desert. You’ll come face to face with India’s desert dreamland right here. The Jaisalmer Fort, a magnificent sandcastle immortalised by Satyajit Ray in his 1974 detective thriller Sonar Kella or The Golden Fort, is the first. Then there are the camels, who constitute the backbone of this epic journey. There are also other fantastic tours and adventures that you will never forget in between all of this.

A once-in-a-lifetime safari

All of your desert fantasies will come true in the Thar. Spend your days wandering amid infinite sand like a Bedouin. You can also tent here if you don’t want to ride a camel. For travellers, there are luxury tents as well as tents for all budgets. This is an experience you won’t get anywhere else, so plan on staying here for at least one night.

The enchantment of Jaisalmer Fort

The Jaisalmer Fort, which takes centre stage, is a complete mystery. It might surprise you to learn that it is home to 3000 people. The fort, which was established in 1155 AD, used to be the principal city. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an atmosphere that reflects traditional Rajasthani culture. It is a must-see because there is so much to do here.

National Park of the Desert

This is a fascinating experience for many reasons because it is adjacent to Desert National Park. Chinkaras, commonly known as Indian Gazelles, can be seen in large numbers here. The Thar Desert’s unique environment may be seen here, and it’s a real delight. In fact, there are sand dunes in the park. The Great Indian Bustard, a critically endangered bird species, can also be seen here.

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