India’s Top 5 Mountain Biking Destinations!!

Mountain biking is one of the most popular adventure sports in the world, in which thrill seekers cycle across rugged mountain terrains. This is an off-road cycling sport that necessitates the use of specially adapted bicycles, months of practice, and a great deal of stamina. India, too, has a variety of intriguing terrains that are suitable for mountain bikers. These are the locations to go if you have it in you.

Nandi Hills-

The cycling trail in Karnataka’s Nandi Hills is well-known. Bikers from all over the country come here in quest of adventure and enjoyment. The location is close to Bangalore and is a popular weekend resort for city dwellers in need of a vacation!

Route Leh-Zanskar-

Completing the Leh-Zanskar route is a dream for any mountain cyclist in India! In the rugged highlands, this 14-day bike journey necessitates heavy cycling at an average altitude of 4500 metres. It’s definitely one of the most difficult mountain biking tours in the country, but it’s an unforgettable experience!


Spiti has the best terrains to offer for those seeking off-the-beaten-path adventure. It is regarded as the country’s most awe-inspiring mountain bike track, providing adventurers with a much-needed adrenaline boost. After passing through various Himachal valleys, the trek arrives in the Spiti Valley.

Route between Manali and Leh-

This course will put your endurance and passion for the sport to the test! This thrilling bike track, which takes adventurers through the greatest of the Himalayas, can only be completed by a hardcore mountain cyclist. This cycling route follows the Himalayan foothills to Khardungla.


Only the most adventurous mountain bikers dream of going on a ride across Himachal’s Kangra valley. The 260 km circuit, which runs through the beautiful Kangra valley and offers the best adventurous experience, is considered one of the most difficult mountain treks.

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