India’s Places That Turn Soothing To the Soul During The Monsoon

Monsoons not only breathe fresh life into nature, but they also cover the landscape in vibrant greens. While city dwellers may be unaware of this, India has a number of locations that turn lush green during the rainy season. If you’re interested in visiting such locations, here’s a list of spots that turn a gorgeous shade of green during the monsoon season. Make a note of these magnificent locations on your monsoon bucket list, and return when it’s safe to travel again.

Karnataka’s Chikmagalur-

Many of Chikmagalur’s attractions become magnificent during the monsoon season. It is one of those spots that will make you want to come back for more, sitting in the lap of the Western Ghats. You can take a journey to Charmadi Ghat near Chikmagalur around this time, which will take you through the Western Ghats, which are home to numerous beautiful waterfalls. In addition, the area is dotted with lofty mountains, enormous tropical rain forests, and lush green valleys, all of which come alive during the monsoon season. To believe it, you must attend this location at this time.

Uttarakhand’s Mussoorie-

Mussoorie turns greener than ever during the monsoons, making rainy season the greatest time to visit. In comparison to summers and winters, the crowds are also thinner at this season. If you visit Mussoorie during the rainy season, you will be able to see the magical backdrop of monsoon, which brings out the finest of the Queen of Hills. Beautiful landscapes and a tranquil atmosphere make this a must-visit ‘green hideaway’ during the rainy season.

Meghalaya’s Cherrapunji-

Cherrapunji, the second wettest place on the planet, enjoys beautiful weather all year. When you’re here, you can see rains falling down with such force that you’ll be soaked in no time. And, despite the fact that it receives a lot of rain, the beauty of this place is that it never floods. During the rainy season, the area comes alive with the sounds of birds and insects chirping and humming, as well as the thundering sound of rivers rushing at the valley’s bottom.

Maharashtra’s Bhandardara-

The Randha Falls, lakes, streams, and lakes are all drenched in monsoon rains, making monsoon a very wonderful time in Bhandardara. The scenery becomes fresh, dewy, and green during this time, making it a lovely place to visit. Bhandardara is also a sanctuary for hikers and trekkers in and around Maharashtra, as it is located in the Sahyadri Mountains of the Western Ghats. When it rains, though, stay away from the trails that become slick.

Rajasthan’s Banswara-

It’s also known as the City of Hundred Islands, and it’s a tropical haven during the monsoons. It acquired its name from the number of bans, or bamboo trees, that originally existed here. This area is so beautiful that you would forget you are in Rajasthan because of the lush green hillocks, attractive surrounds, and abundance of youthful lakes and rivers. Visit the lake banks and Mahi river dam while you’re here, as they turn magnificent after the rains, making it a dreamy monsoon getaway.

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