Here Are 5 Things You Must Consider While Choosing Your Next Hotel Stay

Choosing the right hotel is most vigorous task when you are planning for a vacation or picnic. However, the internet and communication technology has eased the process, but still there are some factors you need to consider while choosing a hotel especially when you are travelling with your family and kids. Here are the five major factors which are mandatory to consider when you are finalizing the hotel-

Priorities what is most important to you-

Before searching for accommodations, make a quick list of the things that you require to have a good night’s stay. Is it a free breakfast? Do you feel more comfortable in a smaller, intimate property? Are you willing to splurge on luxury? Do you like old-fashioned decor, business-like rooms, or over-the-top interior design? Check for the hotel’s policy if you are travelling with family. Check if the hotel rooms are couple-friendly or not. Check on the number of people that can accommodate in a single room. In case, any of these things are improper; they might ruin your vacation. All these questions will lead you to the final answer of what hotel does suit your personality and your vacation plans.

Check the hotel’s details-

While hotel reviews are exhaustingly comprehensive, sometimes it takes us to making the right choice helping us to understand the updated hotel policies, added amenities, and feedbacks on the service. It’s a good idea to double check a hotel’s images. It is imperative to check the online reviews from the folks who have stayed earlier at the hotel. Remember, a hotel will always represent itself as being the best in that vicinity or website. It is your responsibility to get through the comments and analyze whether or not the hotel room is ideal for you. Social media sites, online travel forums, hotel review sites are of great help in finding the right hotel for you.

Determine a hotel’s exact location-

Traveling is all about location, and if you don’t know where your hotel is in relation to where you want to be in the city, you may end up spending too much time and money on commute. There are often misunderstandings between travelers and hotels as to what they consider as easy commute. Before booking a hotel, check a map to determine the location of the hotel, so you know what area will be suitable for your stay and what is the easiest route for site seeing. You will obviously want to get back to your hotel room after a long day of exploration. Check your hotel’s accessibility from the airport, subway, and railway station.  Apart from easy access to public transport, ensure that your hotel offers shuttle service to tourist attractions, airports, and railway stations.

Know the Holy Grail of amenities-

There are four amenities you should be sure a hotel offers before you arrive, as these are the most often cited complaints on review sites. They are air-conditioning, parking, Wi-Fi, and breakfast. And, you should always check see if there are any costs associated with these amenities. Check reviews for this information, and call or e-mail the hotel to double check, if you’re still concerned.

Compare wisely-

If choosing the cheapest stay is your goal make sure that you still choose a comfortable one. Sometimes the lowest price hotels an end up charging you extra for basic amenities making the overall cost of your stay a bigger whole in the pocket then you expected. Always focus on the facilities and services that the hotel provides because if you compromise on space; hygiene and basic amenities are a must. Similarly you can end up paying much more for the similar stay as compared to a hotel that was offering you a better deal close by. So make sure you compare and research well to make your trip much more budget friendly and yet memorable.

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