Explore These Historic Beauties In Gujrat, Top Forts That Are Must See!

Gujarat is a state on India’s western coast with a 1,600-kilometer coastline, the majority of which is on the Kathiawar peninsula, with a population of 60.4 million people. It is the fifth-largest state in terms of land and the ninth-largest in terms of population in India. Gujarat is a vibrant state with a storied past and a diverse culture. It was historically ruled by some notable rulers, and as a result, the state has some amazing forts and palaces. The rulers have passed away, but the forts and palaces they constructed stand as a testament to the times. Take a peek at some of Gujarat’s most famous forts that you can’t afford to miss!

Tera Fort, Kutch-

Tera Fort, erected by the Jadeja monarchs during the reign of Deshalji I in the 18th century, is another historic fort in Gujarat. The fort is located in the Tera village in Kutch District, around 84 kilometres from Bhuj. It is a lovely fort and a popular tourist destination in Kutch.

Pavagadh Champaner Fort-

Pavagadh is a well-known Hindu pilgrimage site located 46 kilometres from Baroda in the Panchmahal district. The Champaner Fort, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage monument, is well-known in the area. The fort is located in Champaner’s Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, which was founded in the 8th century by Vanraj Chavda, a notable king of the Chavda Dynasty.

Uperkot Fort-

The picturesque Uparkot Fort is located in the princely town of Junagadh. The fort, which is in the foothills of Girnar hill, was built during the Mauryan Empire’s reign and was utilised by the Guptas and Chudasamas. The fort’s walls are 70 feet high, and there are three entrances on the inside. It also has some cannons and stone inscriptions from the year 1450.

Kanthkot Fort, Kutch-

Kanthkot Fort, one of the country’s and Gujarat’s oldest forts, was built in 843 AD. The fort, which sits atop a remote hill, appears to be vast. In terms of history, the fort functioned as the Kathis kings’ capital in the eighth century. On the hill, there is a ravine with stepwells and the ruins of three temples devoted to Kanthadnath. This fort is unquestionably a must-see attraction in Gujarat.

Bhujia Fort, Kutch-

Bhujia Fort is a large hill fort located on the outskirts of Bhuj, Kutch district, on the top of Bhujia Hill. The construction of the fort was begun by the legendary emperor Rao Godji I in 1715, but it took several years to complete. The fort’s name comes from the Hindi word bhujang, which means “snake.”

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