Cliffside Beaches in India That Will Take Your Heart Away!

Because of the breath-taking, unrivalled vistas, Cliffside beaches make for an unusual retreat alternative. Of course, India offers some of the best locations, where land and sea collide to form magnificent coastal panoramas. So, here’s a list of India’s most gorgeous cliff-side beaches to see when you next get the opportunity to travel.

Gokarna Beach, Karnataka-

It’s one of Karnataka’s most popular tourist spots, with views of the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. The location has managed to keep noise and pollution at bay despite not being commercialised. As a result, when you visit Gokarna Beach, you can expect to have a peaceful and relaxed day. Then there’s a nearby cliff that you may climb to get panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and Gokarna.

Varkala Beach, Kerala-

The blending of cliffs with the Arabian Sea is the main attraction of this location. Varkala is a tranquil and lovely beach town located in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram district. Visitors to the area can unwind and rest, as well as walk to the top of the cliff and take in panoramic views of the surrounding.

Yarada Beach, Visakhapatnam-

Yarada Beach is an excellent getaway option for both locals and tourists because it is close to Visakhapatnam. The beach, which is surrounded on three sides by lush flora and on the fourth by the wide Bay of Bengal, should be on your vacation bucket list. The beach, which is full of rugged cliffs, is well-kept and makes for a great escape.

Arambol Beach, Goa-

It is unlike any other beach in the region, being located in the north of Goa, further up Calangute and Baga. Goa, being a renowned beach location, offers a diverse range of possibilities to explore, such as the Arambol Beach, which has managed to avoid commercialization. This location is all about simplicity, and it also has a freshwater lake nearby. The cliff that surrounds the beach is the centrepiece, with visitors able to hike to the top and enjoy views of the scenic environment and clear sea water.

Vagator Beach, Goa-

It has spectacular red sea cliffs that stare down to two fresh water springs, while the surrounding scenery of coconut palms, white dunes, and the Arabian Sea gives the site a mystical aura. When you get here, you’ll also see a cafe on the cliff, which is one of the greatest places to have a mocktail while watching the sun set.

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