5 Countries That Have Been Vaccinating Tourists!

Some countries are taking careful efforts to reopen their borders to tourism, while others are resorting to vaccination programmes. And, because vaccination supply could not keep up with demand in some nations, travel restrictions have yet to be entirely relaxed. Meanwhile, countries with an oversupply of vaccines see this as an opportunity to attract visitors, and have begun to offer vaccination choices for travellers. Take a look at some of the countries that provide vaccinations to visitors.

The United States of America-

Visitors to the United States can get vaccinated in some states and towns throughout the country. In April, Alaska stated that, in order to kick off summer tourism, it will provide free immunizations to all visitors upon arrival. In addition, New York has declared that it will no longer require residents to live in the city and will make vaccines available to tourists as well. Pop-up vaccination stations will be set up in tourist hotspots including the High Line, Central Park, and the Brooklyn Bridge for this reason.


Bali, Indonesia’s resort island, is free COVID-19 immunisation to visitors in an effort to enhance tourism in the region. Sandiago Uno, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism and Cultural Economy, announced the plan, stating that vaccines will be provided to both domestic and international tourists. According to sources, local travellers will have free access to AstraZeneca and Sinovac, but international tourists will have to pay for Sinopharm and other vaccines.


In an effort to boost tourism, the Maldives is now providing immunizations to visitors. It is pushing Vaccine Vacations, which is a strategy to provide COVID vaccinations, and it is expected that this plan will be implemented once all inhabitants have been vaccinated. According to Maldives Tourism Minister Abdulla Mausoom, the initiative Visit, Vaccinate, Vacation would provide tourists with an easy way to acquire their vaccinations, and it will only go live once the native population has been vaccinated. He went on to say that the main goal of having tourism open is to provide relatively safe tourist with the least amount of disruption.

United Arab Emirates-

With little fanfare, the United Arab Emirates announced the introduction of vaccine tourism, which will provide free vaccinations to anyone with a valid entrance visa. All one has to do, according to reports, is register in Abu Dhabi’s healthcare app for either the US-German Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine or the Chinese-made Sinopharm vaccine. Tourists can also use the app to schedule appointments using their passport information. At the time of vaccination, one must produce documentation of an entry stamp or a visa.


Tourists will be able to get COVID-19 vaccines from Russian officials, but it will be at a fee. Tourists would be offered three-week immunisation packages with rates ranging from USD 1500 to USD 2500, excluding flying fees, according to the plans. However, some travellers will have difficulty travelling to Russia because Russian consulates have yet to issue visas. “The product is ready,” said Andrei Ignatyev, President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RUTI), “but the concerns of visa support and legal entry for foreigners desiring to receive the Russian vaccine have yet to be resolved.”

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